Individually Encourage and Challenge your child with Flexudy,

because every child has their own way of Thinking

Encourage and challenge

Click on the desktop PC below and dive right into our web app or take a look at our explanatory video and meet Quirin – one of our founders.

Our Vision

Learning should be fun and has to be easily doable. All you or your kids need is a document with information in it and Flexudy will turn it into a fun learning journey.

What subjects can be used?

We set us apart from our competition in the artificial intelligence field because we are capable to work with any subject. However, material that includes lots of pictures or equations are currently not well supported, but we are continuously improving our software in this direction e.g. through research cooperations with the KWARC. 

AI trained by didactic experts of Germany's most innovative university

We are situated directly at the Friedrich-Alexander-University in Nürnberg and have access to state-of-the-art educational and didactic experts. Here we also have specific projects dealing in depth with didactic solutions to improve learning for various learning types.

Is my child old enough?

One reason why we won the AI-Award for best use in Education is that Flexudy expertly supports all learners no matter where they are on their journey. This means there is neither a youngest nor an oldest age – however the ability to read and write is required 🤓

All languages

We currently offer to process documents in English, French and German, but we already support a few dozen more and are continuously adding more to our database. Just reach out to us if you require a certain language.   

Any Filetype & OCR

No limits to your users’ flexibility. We try to support all available file types and even process handwritten notes.