Hi, I am your Study Buddy!

At the moment I am offering you three great tools to make your life easier.
A summariser, a (Multiple choiceflashcard creator and a fill-in-the-blanks creator. Go ahead and start using our web application or download our mobile app.

The Summariser

Automatically summarise your papers, new articles and lectures in a few seconds.

Watch our explanation video and see how the summariser works:

Flashcard Creator

Create flashcards from your documents with the click of a button.

In less than 30 seconds you can create plenty of flashcards to boost your study preparation and outcome. 


Classic fill-in-the-blanks exercises created automatically in an instant.

In this video you will find out what to expect from the fill-in-the-blanks creator:

Coming soon:

Automatic sorting of documents regarding their content, Crosswords, Studyguide…

Are you missing something? Contact us and let us know, how we can make your life easier!