Speed up your human resource process 

Utilize the power of award-winning, state-of-the-art artificial intelligence and implement the Flexudy API into your system. Automatically create ready to use questionnaires from your job-descriptions and save time by preselecting your best candidates. 

Get the most out of your candidates

Automated Questionnaires

Artificial Intelligence creates various types of questions tailored to any job profile you choose.

5-Minute Implementation

Our API is almost as easy to implement as our service is to use. You should be ready to go within 5 minutes .

Save Time and Money

Evaluate the professional skills of candidates even before they start their application and only receive suitable candidate info. 

Any Job Profile

No limits to your flexibility. We try to support all available job profiles and even differentiate between hard ans soft skills.


What job profiles are supported by the AI?

The Flexudy AI is specifically trained to be universally usable. Therefore we support all kinds of information input that mainly deal with prose. If your job profile contains mainly bullet points your results might be a little less satisfying. But we are cooperating with the Friedrich-Alexander-University in Erlangen/Nürnberg and their KWARC research group and will hopefully soon have a solid solution. So stay tuned and until then we ask you to provide full text profiles for better results.

Do I need a job description?

Yes and no. If you have an individual description, then the questionnaire will also be tailored to those individual needs included in your description.
However, if you are looking for a general skillset that doesn’t necessarily need to be adjusted then the job title is enough and the rest will be done by our AI.

What languages are supported?

The Flexudy AI is specifically trained to be universally usable. We put in a lot of effort to enable our AI to support any language. English, German and French are included in the API by default, if you have a specific request for an additional language please reach out to us. We will most definitely find a solution.

Can complete exams be created and used in assessment centers or employee trainings?

Very good question! And the answer is yes. All kinds of exercises can be generated. Single Questions or entire question blocks. You can also mix different question-styles and create pop-quizzes for employees. Also the knowledge of our AI isn’t confined to job descriptions, you can feed it any kind of material and create infinite possibilities for questionnaires. For more information check out your learn management use case.