Education at its best with Artificial Intelligence of Germany’s most innovative university

Leverage your innovative potential

Automated Questions

Artificial Intelligence creates various types of questions, e.g. WH-Questions, Open-Questions, Fill-in-the-blanks.

ILIAS and moodle

Most universities utilize open-source solutions for their e-learning platforms. Two of the most popular are ILIAS and Moodle. Flexudy offers a standard plugin for these two systems using a single sign on LTI solution.

AI trained by didactic experts of Germany's most innovative university

We are situated directly at the Friedrich-Alexander-University in Nürnberg and have access to state-of-the-art educational and didactic experts. Here we also have specific projects dealing in depth with didactic solutions to improve learning for various learning types.

Automated Summaries

Create Summaries out of your users’ texts and save them the time to better focus on the essentials.

Any Filetype & OCR

No limits to your users’ flexibility. We try to support all available file types and even process handwritten notes. 

Race to the finishline

Speed up the preparation process and save time on repetitive, monotonous tasks. Now your user can concentrate on the actual learning or teaching.


What subjects are supported by the AI?

The Flexudy AI is specifically trained to be universally usable. Therefore we support all subjects that mainly deal with prose. Subjects that are filled with formulas and graphs, like maths etc. are currently not supported well – but we are cooperating with the Friedrich-Alexander-University in Erlangen/Nürnberg and their KWARC research group and will hopefully soon have a solution. So stay tuned!

Can users evaluate themselves?

Yes. It is very easy to use our API and generate e.g. an evaluation sheets that show the performance of users in the created quizzes.

What languages are supported?

The Flexudy AI is specifically trained to be universally usable. We put in a lot of effort to enable our AI to support any language. English, German and French are included in the API by default, if you have a specific request for an additional language please reach out to us. We will most definitely find a solution.

Can complete exams be created?

Yes. All kinds of exercises can be generated. Single Questions or entire question blocks. You can also mix different question-styles and create pop-quizzes for learners or final exams for teachers to be used in there classes.