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The 3-in-1 solution that enables you to automatically generate and share interactive, mobile-friendly courses, training materials, and quizzes using artificial intelligence.

save Time

creating content

“The learning success of my trainees comes first. Flexudy’s multiple-choice question generator speeds up my work so that I can finally focus on my trainees and support them individually.”

Ralf Döring – Corporate Trainer & Consultant

Check out this Microlearning nugget created by Ralf on Teamwork (in German).

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Boost Interaction

with micro-quizzes

“Flexudy quizzes allow me to create more interactive teaching content. In particular during the pandemic this is a real benefit for my lectures.”

Prof. Andreas Maier – University of Erlangen-Nuremberg

Check out this Microlearning nugget created by Prof. Maier on Deep Learning.

Flexudy For Students

Flexudy for Students

flashcards in 1-click

“Through Flexudy I have been able to find out how I work and learn best and most effectively as an individual and have been able to adapt my learning behavior perfectly to myself through the many different options Flexudy offers. The good mix of quizzes, reading texts, and the chance to interact with other learners and instructors makes Flexudy special and helps everyone individually achieve the best possible results.
Flexudy has helped me discover fun in learning and enjoy working. What more could you ask for?” – Sophia Meiners

Learn more about Flexudy for students.

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HSPV North Rhine-Westphalia University of
Police and Public Administration

NO Installation

Zero maintenance cost

E-learning departments usually invest a lot of time and resources in the installation and maintenance of e-learning tools. What if teachers were able to create quizzes, share them with their students and get instant feedback on how they performed without ever installing anything?

At HSPV NRW, a university in Germany, lecturers and students no longer need to deal with complicated e-learning software. Lecturers can simply create exercises and share them with their students via a link.

Integrate AI

into your system

Have you ever wondered whether it was possible to integrate Artificial Intelligence into your system or device? Wende.Interaktiv, one of the leading German vendors in digital education integrated Flexudy into their Galneo Screens to make learning more fun at school. Galneo Screens now generate questions and summaries automatically, allowing students to test their knowledge in real time under the supervision of the teaching staff. Learn more about our API Pricing.

Our key collaborators

Prof. Dr. Svenja Bedenlier

Dipl.-Päd. Stefanie Gerl

Dr. Roman Rietsche

Dipl.-Inf. Fred Neumann

MME. Lars Egger

HSPV NRW - Flexudy


Data Privacy

and autonomy

Data privacy is your birthright. At Flexudy we only collect information that is strictly necessary and only when needed. For example, only your email is collected when you sign up since it is needed for password recovery and for billing purposes. When you share quizzes and micro lessons with your students or colleagues, they can access your content without providing any personal information. This way, we ensure that your learners’ privacy is not violated. Click here to learn more about our privacy policy.

open Education

through tech

From day one, Flexudy’s vision has always been to democratize education worldwide. To that end, we contribute to open source libraries and work with various partners to improve teaching and learning using technology. Contact us now if you are interested in a partnership.

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