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Automatically generate quizzes, questions, assessments or comprehensive summaries and save a lot of time.


Automated Quiz Creator

Flexudy improves interactivity with learning material and helps learners better prepare for their exams.


Automate Didactic Question Generation

With Flexudy educators only need minutes instead of hours to create interactive lessons with didactic quizzes.

AI for Didactics

Creating the future of Education

Together with the Institut for Learn-Innovation of
FAU Erlangen-Nürnberg we develope
solutions to support and empower educators.


Automate personnel training and development

Instantly boost employee training by driving self-assessments with Flexudy’s automated quiz generator.

How do you create quizzes?

Instantly generate questions, quizzes, assessments and summaries. 🚀

Flexudy – Automated Quiz creation  


Our service is built on the principles of Privacy by Design, Data Security, Data Autonomy and Copyright Protection.


We automate question generation in all taxonomy levels to support Constructive Alignment.


Flexudy is language-independent, enabling you to automatically create quizzes in any language.


Flexudy generates questions in any subject or knowledge domain, supporting you wherever you need it.


Flexudy is available on your desktop and mobile devices as well as on Moodle, Ilias, Typeform

Use Cases for Automatically Generated Questions


Germany’s most innovative University, the Friedrich-Alexander-University, uses our didactic AI to automate quiz and question generation and create assessments and interactive seminars.


Fluxlabs fully integrates Flexudy into the ILIAS Learning-Management-System. Making automatic question creation and our didactic quiz generator available to companies and universities in GSA.

Corporate Education

Siemens is using Flexudy to speed up the creation of quizzes and to successfully train their staff worldwide. Without prior knowledge of didactic concepts or having to manually translate documents. 

You have another Use Case for automated quiz generation?

We are excited about new integration possibilities. Contact us, for an individual and personal consultation.

Automated Quiz Creators

For Teachers and Learners

How much time have you spent creating quizzes, tests, and exams? How long does it take you to find the right research papers? Automate question generation and research with one click. Flexudy generates personalised content that lets you build assessments, quizzes and summaries on any topic instantly.

Simply Integrate Flexudy

Are you an ILIAS, Moodle or iSpring user? Do you have your own Learning Management System? Then take your platform to the next level. Flexudy can be integrated into any platform. Contact us now and get your API license key for the automatic quiz creator. 

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It feels like yesterday that we started to develop a “cheat sheet” that would help us study. Three years later we won a global AI Award in Education and we are funded by the Ministry of Economics and Energy and the European Social Fonds. Flexudy is now currently used in several countries like America, Nigeria, Germany, France and Switzerland and India.


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